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ABP Episode 35: Community Service | How Carrence Bass Addressed the Unmet Autism Needs in Her Community

We’re out in the neighborhood today talking about making our community more autism inclusive. When Carrence Bass saw unmet needs in her community, she started a non-profit to address those needs. In this episode we’ll be talking about her journey, ...
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ABP Episode 34: Stinking Thinking | How Your Beliefs About Yourself Influence Your Child With Autism

We’re on the therapy couch today talking about how our thoughts can affect our parenting behavior. Janeen shares the top eleven limiting beliefs she hears from autism parents and how to challenge them. In this episode you will discover: How ...
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ABP Episode 33: Anxiety and Autism | How To Help Your Child Manage Their Anxiety

We’re on the therapist’s couch today talking about autism and anxiety. In this episode, Janeen covers how anxiety manifests in people with autism and what you can do, as a parent or provider, to help them.  In this episode you ...
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ABP Episode 32: Couples Counseling | How Going To Therapy As A Couple Can Help Your Child With Autism

We’re in the master bedroom today talking about marriage and couple hood. Janeen talks about the importance of putting your relationship first, and shares how couples counseling can help you create more peace in your home while raising a child ...
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ABP Episode 31 | Thinking Outside the Holiday Box | Holidays with Autism Survival Series, Part 3

We’re in the family room today talking about the holidays and autism. Janeen and her husband Joe will be sharing stories, anecdotes and even a few tips about how to have a happy holiday season, no matter which ones you ...
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ABP Episode 30: Thanksgiving Recipe For Success | Holidays With Autism Survival Series: Part 2

We’re in the dining room today talking about Thanksgiving and autism. Janeen will be sharing her tips on how to have a more peaceful holiday, whether you’re staying at home or off to Grandma’s house.  In this episode you will ...
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